Maintaining Air Quality In Your Home 

Whether you have allergies or simply prefer knowing that the air in your home is as clean as you can make it for better health, achieving and maintaining good air quality is an important issue.  With all of the pollutants in the air today, as well as the many air-borne illnesses and allergens, keeping clean air is important for everyone. 

Start With Your Heating System 

If you have a forced air heat system, you need to look at your furnace and heating ducts to ensure that the air being blown into your home via the heat or the air conditioning is clean.  First of all, be sure that you take good care of your furnace filter.  If you use disposable filters, you should replace them regularly; look at the current filter for instructions on how often to change them.  Depending on how often you use your heat, this should be every three to six months.  A permanent filter should be cleaned on the same timeline. 

You should also see about getting your heating vents and duct system cleaned every couple of years. If you have just purchased a new home and have no idea when it was last done, you should have a professional come in and clean the entire system before you move in. 

Choosing An Air Purifier 

There are two main categories of air purifiers on the market.  The first category is the portable air purifier.  These are designed to clean the air in a certain amount of square footage, from one room to an entire house.  The second category is the built-in whole-home air purifier.